Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nutrition Facts

A co-worker of mine just came back from his vacation in Texas, with the obligatory snack-food gift for the office kitchen. As I gazed upon the ingredient list for the pecans he had brought from The Oliver Pecan Company of San Saba, Texas, it struck me that there was no "Nutrition Facts" label on this package. (I am currently on a "How much sodium is in this?" phase.) I went to my desk and compared the Oliver container to the can of Mama Mellace's Chipotle Cashews that I had bought from Costco, and confirmed that there was a Nutional Facts label on the Mama's can.
So, why did Mama include a Nutrition Facts label, but Oliver did not?

I looked around my kitchen this evening, and noticed several other instances of the same thing:
My jar of Strawberry Rhubarb preserves, from Willowcroft Vineyard, has only a simple ingredient list while my St. Dalfour Black Cherry fruit spread from the grocery story has the full Nutrional Label.

I tried to look up some official information on Nutrition Labels, but wasn't able to find too much. I suspect it has something to do with selling directly vs. selling via a retailer. Perhaps my friends over at the Food Marketing Institute can shed some light on this ... stay tuned.

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