Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Joys of Remodeling II: Taking on WAY too much at one time

I've been a very busy Nitpicky Consumer over the past few weeks.

As I posted back in April, we've been starting into some remodeling efforts. We are now at the point of working on all of the following project simultaneously:
You might be asking, "How is this all working out?"

Well, better than you might think; there hasn't been much overlap yet. Although the HVAC man and the kitchen man will be there together, tomorrow.

It hasn't been perfect, of course. Here's an exciting sample phone conversation from last week between me and the contractor:
CONTRACTOR: Hi, where is your new sink?
ME: What do you mean? Your company ordered the sink, not me.
ME: You did order it, right?
CONTRACTOR: Let me get back to you on that.
Well, that particular story had a happy ending, but our counter ended up not quite right. One piece is still back in Texas; but we are enjoying the pieces that are here very much. It is a bit odd having one kitchen counter that is green and one that is white, but you get used to it faster than you'd think.

Once we have some time to catch our breath, we'll post some of the interesting info we've found out about Air Conditioning (AC) units.

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