Monday, April 7, 2008

A Donation to Doorways: Go USA Wine!

I made a donation to the Doorways Benefit this past weekend, in Arlington, Virginia. I donated a "Made in USA Wine bag" from elements that I gathered together. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of it, but here is what was in it ...

I started with a tapestry bag (similar to this one, but a different fabric) made in New Jersey by Great Bags. Their name really says it all. These are the sturdiest bags, with the most pockets, of any bag EVER. They are more expensive than an imported/mass-produced bag you'd just go pickup at a big-box retailer, and they are worth every penny.

Into this awesome tote, I put in three bottles of my favorite, reasonably priced, USA wines:

- Tuscarora White, from Rockbridge winery in Virginia. The winemaker, Shep, is one of our favorite people. We even pour for this winery at tasting events. We love them!

- Incognito Rouge, from the Michael-David winery in California. Approximately $16; we get it at Whole Foods market here in Virgina.

- Conundrum, from winemaker Jon Bolta in California. This is the cream of the pack. Usually only sold to restaurants, my father can usually get a few bottles from his wine merchant in Maryland for about $30 each. This sells in restaurants for $100+ per bottle. We love the blend.

This bag of goodies became a runner-up prize for the benefit's Plasma TV drawing, and I hope whoever got it enjoys it! Hopefully this person will come here to read more about what s/he won.

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