Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Economic Stimulus Check

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 is now in full swing. Many American's, depending on their household income, have already received or can expect to receive, a 'rebate' of $300 - $1200.
As comforting as it is that President Bush firmly believes that these checks will solve all of our economic problems here in the USA, I must confess that I am skeptical. nails it on the head, in bold type at the top of their site this week:
Here is the place to use your Tax Rebate Stimulus Package money.
Patriots will always start their shopping with Made in USA products.
Boost our economy instead of China, as this program was intended.
But let's be real ... how many Americans are going to spend their stimulus checks solely on American-made goods? Heck, how many are going to do anything with it besides help offset the higher price of gas?

As a consumer, I'm certainly not going to refuse the check, but it just doesn't seem like the silver bullet the Administration is looking for.

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