Monday, May 26, 2008

Totally False Advertising

The Chef's Choice Cordless Electric Hot Pot (Model 675) seemed to be exactly what I needed; an updated version of the classic without the coils in the pot itself.

It had a nice wide top and -- according to the photo on the box -- the lid opened very wide. I couldn't find one in-stock in any stores near me, so I ordered it online, based on the packaging and product writeup.

Take a look at the box photo; the lid opens to approximately 100-degrees, correct? i.e. It opens wider than the pot, making it very easy to see down into the pot, clean the pot, etc.

Now, take a look at the photo that I took of the actually product and the actual lid.

It only opens approximately 45-degrees. Making it somewhat difficult to reach down into and clean. The reality is not even close to what is pictured on the box. This irked me.

I visited the official Chef's Choice website. The only way to contact them was by phone. Fine. I called them.

Here is an abbreviated transcript of our call:

Nitpicky Consumer: Hey, I think my hot pot is defective; the lid doesn't open nearly as wide as it does on the photo on the package.

Chef's Choice: No, that's the way it works. The photo isn't an accurate depiction of the actual product. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Nitpicky Consumer: So, you know that the photo isn't accurate?

Chef's Choice: Yes. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

On one hand, I must applaud their blatant honesty is owning up to doctoring the image. On the other hand, I am feeling a little bit taken advantage of. However, as there seems to be no competitor in the market that is even close to the same design, I guess I am stuck with the lid I've got. At least it DOES actually boil water.

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