Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chronicles of the New Giant: The uniforms are IN and the curved aisles are OUT

Update on the NEW Giant ...

The new uniforms are now in and being worn. They started to appear about a week ago, but I didn't write anything as I wanted time to be able to talk to multiple employees in multiple stores about them. The shirts are gold, and most everyone is wearing black aprons over them.

Here are some of the employee reactions I got when I commented that the new uniforms looked nice.
  • One gal meandering down the aisle at International Giant in Springfield sort of smiled at me, but clearly thought I was crazy.
  • One of the produce guys at International Giant in Springfield gave me a genuine smile back; he seemed pretty happy with them.
  • One of the cashiers Rolling Springfield just sort of shrugged. As she was my captive audience until she finished ringing me up, I pressed her. I think that part of the issue was that English was probably a second language for her, but eventually it became clear to me that the black apron is the issue. At least for her, I think it was extremely uncomfortable, although she did admit it helped to keep her shirt nice and clean.
  • Another cashier at Rolling Springfield 'liked the green better'

I have also noticed that the curved aisles leading into the registers are slowly becoming uncurved. I'm thinking that this was not a popular change.

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