Sunday, September 21, 2008

Consignment: It's not just for kids

I talked just a few days ago about how great consignment shops are for getting baby clothes. Now I've discovered that adult ones can be great, too. My friend Joanna took me to Encore! Consignment Boutique in Old Town Alexandria.

They specialize in 'upscale' women's clothing, meaning that you're still going to get better prices by shopping at places like Walmart. But if you want quality -- for work, for cocktail parties, etc. -- this place offers some great deals.

In the process of shopping here, I discovered an amazing brand, Made in the USA, called "Garfield & Marks". I've never worn a more comfortable suit, ever. The one at the consignment shop was too short for me, but I have sworn that I am going to buy a new 'killer black suit' in Garfield & Marks.

Joanna said we should go to Nordstrom's this fall, to shop for them, BUT I just looked at Nordstrom's site and the brand is no longer listed! And the site search shows 0 results! NOOOOOOO! And I can't find a website for them. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please tell me that they are OK; please tell me that they haven't been forced out of business by cheap imports. I'll keep investigating, and keep my fingers crossed.

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