Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Battle of the Boxers

Back in February, I posted that I was on a mission to replace my husband's threadbare 15-year old boxers.

I bought 3 different brands, and he's been wearing/washing them for a few months now. Here are the results ....

City Boxers ($16-$20)
Custom Made in U.S.A

Overview: This is the ultimate boxer site; you pick fabrics, styles, colors, options. Then you order. Then you get e-mail updates as your boxers are being made and shipped.

These are the 'specs' of what we ordered, to give an idea of how many options you have;

1 pair of 'Black Sateen' Boxers
Style Number: 9143
Size: 35-L
Inseam: Short Short, 3-Inch
Waistband: Fabric-Covered
Fastener: No Fastener
Pocket: No Pocket

Verdict: These were BY FAR the highest quality of the 3. Well worth the price. These boxers will last forever. No joke. They will outlast us. The issue my husband had with them was that he found them to be too hot to wear under jeans. We are contacting City Boxers to see if they might recommend a thinner fabric. [Gary has written back as of today, and made some suggestions to try Egyptian White, Stripe 55 and 56.]

Made in USA Forever, Wickers Men's Boxers ($17)
Made in U.S.A.

Overview: The website is a good place to find a variety of Made in the U.S.A. products in one store. They carry several "Wickers" brand items in the store.

Verdict: Although they call these "boxers" they are really more of a boxer-brief hybrid. My husband doesn't care for them for work-day wear under jeans, but LOVES them to jog/exercise in. In looking at the Wickers site, it appears that they are definitely targeting the exercise-market.

Stafford 100% Cotton Boxers at ($20 for a 3-pack)
Made in Mexico (Hecho en Mexico)

Overview: By far the cheapest of the three, we ordered these from Jacques Penney's online Boutique.

Verdict: As sad as I am to admit it, these were my husband's favorites in terms of comfort during the day under his work clothes. However, these were definitely the lowest quality. I have no doubt the waist elastic will disintegrate within two years.

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