Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get your own Lids!

They now make special containers to put Cheerios and Gold Fish and other little cracker-type munchies in for toddlers. The lids on these containers have slits in them so the little one can reach through and grab a few bits, but hopefully not spill the rest ... mostly.

It's a nice idea and there are several brands. I grabbed a couple of Snack Traps. They work reasonably well.

But here's the catch: they only come with the lids with the slits in them. If you want to store or carry them around for any length of time, and don't want the crackers to get stale, you need a 'real' air-tight lid. They don't come with these lids; you must buy them separately. For several dollars plus shipping/handling.

No way. Here's what you do instead.

You go to visit your vet, and you pick up a couple of the free pet food lids that they always have sitting around. Personally, I got a few "Hill's" lids.

And Presto!! Instant lid. Quick. Effective. Free.

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