Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can't NBC find ANYONE better?

Every Olympics, ever since Bob Costas became host, I have written to NBC. This year is no exception.

GET RID OF BOB COSTAS; HE IS AWFUL. He is utterly negative, always looks miserable, wants nothing more than to create DRAMA, and clearly could not care less about sports.

I hate the way he covers the Olympics.
My husband hates him.
My folks hate him, my husband's folks hate him, my friends hate him, my co-workers hate him.

He is just so awful. Thank goodness we have TIVO so we can fast forward through him. Please NBC, replace him with any of the field event correspondents; replace him with anyone who shows even a drop of enthusiasm for the Olympics. Surely there is SOMEONE somewhere in the US you can find to do a better job. Perhaps even for a lower cost. Win-win for everyone, eh?

On a more positive note, these Vancouver winter olympics seem to have had fewer of the drama-ridden athletic 'close-ups', so I'd like to cheer NBC for that. And to reiterate what I alluded to earlier, the correspondents covering the individual events are pretty darned good. I just wish that Jim McCay was still with us, to serve as host. I can only hope that someone someday will be able to fill his shoes. And it ain't ever going to be Costas.

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