Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amazing Car Service

For 13 years, I had my trusty Nissan Sentra. I always took it to the dealership for service. I tried 3 or 4 different dealerships over those years, but they didn't differ very much in terms of service. Drive it up. Park somewhere. Wander around looking for the service entrance. Had I ever decided to wait there, I would have been sitting on the sidewalk or on the floor in the corner. There was absolutely no waiting area and no one really paying attention to what was going on beyond on service person at the desk.

So I was REALLY SURPRISED at my experience today at Ourisman Fairfax Toyota service with my new Rav4.
  • They have one building dedicated to service
  • You drive your car in under an awning. No driving up and running around in the pouring rain.
  • There are several service reps waiting and one of them will snatch you up and be your rep for that visit.
  • They have a play area for kids
  • They have 2 big TVs
  • They have chairs, or little desks, or tables
  • They have WiFi
  • They have coffee, and doughnuts.
  • They actually were happy to wash my car after the service. (This was often a battle with my Nissan.)
So here I sit, munching on my sprinkle doughnut and typing.
Am I paying more for this? Probably. But I'll tell you that not needing to juggle taking the car out and dropping it off with my husband's commuting schedule and my son's nanny schedule and my work schedule is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes, you get what you pay for and it is WORTH paying extra.

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Anonymous said...

My "perfect" car service is myzdegree. It's strange, but there are not so many good car services in Dubai, usually they are too expensive.