Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plastic Toys Made in the USA? Get outta here!

Just when you thought that every plastic toy manufacturer had shipped operations overseas, I've actually found TWO of them that continue to manufacture toys here in the USA.

My in-laws stumbled upon American Plastic Toys, Inc. in Walled Lake, MI. They bought the giant dump truck for my son for a gift. Tragically, it was broken right out of the box.

They called the company, and the company immediately shipped another truck to them. This second one has proven to be very sturdy and a huge hit. It holds a lot of stuff in the back, and unlike the two other dump truck toys we have, the back dump bed is a true box that holds whatever gets tossed into there without spilling. So he can pile of ton of blocks or train-tracks or whatever into it and zoom around with it.

And then, thanks to Todd at,  I found Green Toys. Their products are Made in USA AND Made of 100% recycled plastic. It makes me almost giddy to see something as awesome as this. I must confess that we have not bought any of their trucks, simply because we have so many big trucks already. But I am wanting to buy some for someone else, to support this great company. I'm thinking I'll buy the recycle truck to give it as a gift or donate it to Toys-for-Tots.

Anyone else know of any other great plastic toys still made in the USA?


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