Thursday, March 10, 2011

The All-Powerful Grippy Pad

My father bought a little rubber 'grippy pad' to put under his cutting board. I thought this was pretty clever. A wet washcloth will work for stopping board slippage, but then you're left with a wet washcloth to hang somewhere and/or someone else in the kitchen can't do other things that require the washcloth ... like washing dishes.

So I went to hunt one down for myself. I couldn't find a single pad like he bought, but I did find a roll of grippy material made by Con-Tact. I paused, wondering "What am I going to DO with all this stuff?" but what I should have asked myself was "What am I NOT going to do with this stuff?!?"

This stuff is the BEST. I don't know how I ever lived without it. It fills in so many gaps. 

It holds the toddler's potty in place,
so it doesn't slip when he sits on it.

It holds my cell phone in place 
on my car's dashboard.

It stops my bookends
from slipping.

It stops my flatware trays 
from sliding back into the drawer.

It stops my toddler's plate from sliding. It lets me grip tight jar lids better to pry them off.

It's absolutely awesome,
and I still have half a roll left.

Anyone else have any good ideas for it?

1 comment:

Janna said...

We have some shelves in our kitchen that aren't exactly level. Without this stuff, cans slide off the wire shelves, now everything stays where we put it.