Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A quiet family vacation

In the age of theme parks, mega-resorts, and bus tours, it is nice to consider an 'old-fashioned' family vacation.

We just got back from two weeks in New Hampshire, at Lake Pleasant. My husband's family has been going there every summer starting just after WWI. (Yes, that is a I, not a II.) They have been renting small cottages at 'The Point' from the same family for the last 35 years.

Staying in one of these cottages for two weeks isn't just like travelling back in time, it IS travelling back in time. David Cahill is the current family manager of the lake-side cottages. They were originally built by his great-grandfather and grandfather, mostly in the 1930's and 1940's. They are basically one-room square cabins, with a sub-square setting off a bedroom and a bathroom. Some of them still have the original refrigerators and gas-stoves (or if they aren't original, they are mostly from the 1950s and 1960s). No AC; just lake breeze (or lack of breeze, some years). Cell phone coverage is crap, internet is nonexistent.

This kind of vacation isn't for everyone. But if you like to get away from the city or suburbs, like New England, and like the Great Outdoors, I highly recommend renting some type of cabin like these. And of course, there are cottages like this all over the country; we just happen to go here. David and his family treat my husband's family like an extension of their own; it is almost like going up to visit distant relatives each summer. Are the cabins perfect? Heck no. In fact, they all have something wrong/broken about them. But staying there for a week or two is about having quiet family time, to read and swim and row and canoe and hike.

It's a great time that I'd recommend to anyone. A couple of 'regulars' have dropped out this past year, so they have some openings. If you are interested in this fall or next summer, drop him a line at:

The Point Cottages
52 Elkins Road (PO Box 68)
Elkins, NH 03233

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