Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chronicles of the New Giant: G.A.B.

What's this? Que es Esto?
In the Customer Service section of the new website: Something called the Grocery Advisory Board (G.A.B.) Panel.

From the site ...
As a G.A.B. member, you will periodically receive short, easy-to-complete surveys that will allow you to share your ideas and comments about your shopping experiences. You will also be able to give feedback on various programs and ideas and influence whether these ideas should be implemented in the Giant stores where you shop.

Sign me up.

In fact, I am already signed up. I signed up the instant I read this, a few weeks ago. It was a pretty damned long survey to sign up, but I made it through.

Now, let's see what happens. [So far, weeks later, nothing]

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