Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chronicles of the New Giant: My Kingdom for a Bag

My friend Sue had me rolling on the floor with the tale of her quest for one of the new lime-green Giant reusable bags...
  • Three weeks ago, she went to her local Giant, in Maryland, and wanted to buy some of the new bags. She really likes the new lime green. But they didn't have any in stock. They only had the old blue ones, for .99-cents each.
  • She went back a week later -- 2 weeks ago -- and they still didn't have any of the new bags. But they had twice as many blue bags, and now they were only .79-cents. She asked one of the managers about the new bags, and he said that the bags should be in, soon
  • She went back last week and STILL no green bags. And there were triple the number of the old blue bags, now for only .49-cents each. She talked to a manager, again, who this time told her that they had to sell all the old bags before they were allowed to have any new ones.
  • She then drove a few miles down the road to a different Giant. This Giant had both the old blue and the new green bags. All for .99-cents each. She bought some of the green bags.
  • She is now planning to visit her local Giant each week. Her theory is that if they keep dropping the old blue bags by .20-.30 cents each week, they'll be free in approx 2-3 weeks.
This story got me all fired up; I just couldn't wait to go to a Giant in Virginia to check out their bags. So I went to the Alexandria, VA, Giant at my lunch hour.

Bags EVERYWHERE. Endcaps, registers, anywhere they could fit them. Old blue bags, new green bags, AND the cool April 2008 'earth day' bags that I hadn't seen anywhere else since Earth day. I immediately grabbed one of the earth day bags (one of my favorites) as I took note that they were all still .99-cents.

I don't know what is going on in that store up in Maryland. It's like that manager drew the short, blue straw at a regional meeting, or something.

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