Sunday, November 23, 2008

The All-American Jean

I haven't worn jeans in nearly 10 years. [Yes, I am in fact American.] I found sweats and knit pants to just be more comfy.

But in walking through the mall the other day, I saw a 50% off sale at Lucky Brand Jeans and I decided to take a peek. Within 15 minutes, I was walking out with a pair of pretty trendy boot-cut jeans.

What made me buy them?
  1. I just got a new sweater that would look sweet with jeans
  2. The price was very appealing at 50% off
  3. Lucky Jeans are all Made in the USA!
  4. The salesgal was SUPER in helping me to figure out what waist size and length I needed
So, I've done my part for the week to support the economy ... have you?

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