Friday, March 27, 2009

My Kingdom for a Mozart Magic Cube

As mentioned previously, my 1-year-old's favorite toy is Mozart's Magic Cube, by Munchkin. He plays with it for 15-20 minutes to put himself to sleep at night, and he plays with it for 20-30 minutes to entertain himself upon first waking up in the morning. This Cube is a very important part of our lives.

On Wednesday of this week, at approximately 8:05 A.M., he broke his Cube. He has taken to flinging it out of his crib after playing with it, and this time it cracked. The plastic strip holding in the batteries broke. Shrieks followed (mostly from me).

While my husband fixed breakfast for the little one, I carefully pulled the strip off the Cube and super-glued it. Then we headed out to work/daycare. When we returned that night, the strip seemed solid. I reassembled it, gave it back to my son ... and it was broken again within 90 seconds. More shrieks. I had to rock my son to bed for an hour because he couldn't play with his cube to go to sleep.

At 9:29 A.M. the next morning, I was standing in the pouring rain in front of our local Buy Buy Baby. At 9:31 A.M., I was racing through the store behind a clerk who was leading me to the magical Cubes. By 10:00 A.M., I was home, handing my son his Cube for his morning nap.

Whilst he was napping, I wrote to the Munchkin company. I asked if I could buy a replacement battery strip from them, so that my original Cube can be made functional again without buying yet another Cube if he breaks it again.

I just heard back today from Amanda Maria at Munchkin:

Thank you for contacting us, we recognize that customers like you have made Munchkin Inc. the company it is today, and we truly appreciate hearing from you.

I’m sorry to hear that the cover of your Mozart Magic Cube broke. Currently we do not sell the covers yet I do have some here for replacement and would be happy to send you one.

If you could please confirm your mailing address I will be sure to get a replacement out to you.
Wow. I can't buy a replacement, but they'll send me one for free. That is just awesome. I love you, Munchkin Company.

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