Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally: A flip-flop Made in the USA ... and you can even recycle it!

After searching and searching for some 'cool' Made in the USA shoes that weren't going to break the bank, I stumbled upon Okabashi flip-flops.

They come in a ton of colors, are reasonably priced, and you can even send them back once they are worn out and the company will recycle them to make more shoes!

You can find some of them on, e.g., Men's Okabashi Classic Flip Flop (LL, Slate Gray) so for those of you out there who are Amazon Prime members I recommend you check there to see what they have got.

But there are a LOT more colors on the actual Okabashi site, so you should be sure to check there, too.

I ordered some for my husband and he really loves them. He says they are SO COMFY. His only criticisms are that 1) they are pretty heavy and 2) they run a little small.

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