Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun with Flying Discs

I laughed at the PS3's new 'Move' controller and the Sports Champion Game that was released with it. Really? Play frisbee on the TV? Let's just step outside, huh?

But, I've been won over. Not only is the Move fun. Not only is it a fun way to 'move' around during the winter, but watching some of these activities on the PS3 has made my toddler want to try them in real life. He is particularly enamored with Frisbee Golf, and would you believe that we actually have a real Disc Golf course at nearby Fairfax County Burke Lake Park?

So, I started hunting around for some flying discs ... frisbees or whatever brands might be out there. (My husband and I had frisbees growing up, but they've disappeared into the depths of our parents' respective garages). I remembered seeing a lighted disc in a catalog a long time ago, and I thought that might be great with the darker winter months coming along.

I stumbled onto a site that reviewed a bunch of lighted discs, and they said that the Aerobie Skylighter was the absolute best there was ... AND it was Made in USA! W00t! I ordered an Aerobie Skylighter (blue) and one of their non-lighted Aerobie SuperDisc Ultra (yellow). My son LOVES them. Just loves them. They are big and colorful and strong.

We took one out this weekend to nearby Accotink Lake park with our friends Tom & Christine. This discs are GREAT. They are easy to throw and easy to catch. I plan on getting a red and a green one, too, so that we have a whole set.

Anyone else have stories to share on buying standard or lighted flying discs?


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