Sunday, January 23, 2011

Infant Skinny Jeans: Are you SERIOUS?

I've been catching up on some of my old email, and I just couldn't believe it when I stumbled across this article (in the Wall Street Journal, no less). Skinny Jeans for infants and toddlers? At $40 each?  And the rationale is that in this rough economy parents skimp on themselves but not their kids?

Let me tell you something. If you are buying $40 jeans for your INFANT, who will outgrown them in a matter of weeks, you are NOT experiencing a rough economy in your household.

I was happy to see that the 3 pages of comments on the WSJ article were all as equally horrified, appalled, and disgusted as I was to read this. It's a horrible reflection on American society. How many people out there are really like this? How many people out there would really spent $200+ a year on a few pairs of skinny jeans for their child (who doesn't care AT ALL), as opposed to sale and thrift shopping, using that money to buy the entire wardrobe for the entire year, and then using the savings for better pursuits: retirement savings, education savings for the child, charitable contributions, etc.

Am I taking this too seriously? Is this a striking symptom of the bigger issue of Americans losing perspective and lacking to plan long term? Or is this just an example of a few fashion-crazed folks grabbing headlines for a day?

Of course, as soon as there is a trend in the high-end market, there are low-end copy cats, so you can already get the skinny infant jeans for $10-$20. But still, then you are left with the issue of whether or not skinny jeans are really the best idea for an infant who wants to crawl and waddle and roll ... not strike a pose.

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