Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky, how could you?

Two years ago, I was thrilled to find that Lucky Brand Jeans were still Made in the USA.

I went to buy another pair this week at the Lucky Brand online site, and discovered that they have now moved most or all of their manufacturing out of the country. I was extremely bummed about this. I wrote them. They didn't seem to care. That makes me sad. It appears that they moved down to Mexico. I'd pick Mexico or Canada over China, but I'd prefer USA.

It appears that Urban Outfitter still has some Made in the USA jeans, so I may give them a try. [They also carry Smith's Rosebud Salve, which is my family's baby.]

I'm hoping that Lucky reconsiders. Other clothing manufacturers are returning to 'homeshoring', so maybe they will too.

Is anyone else noticing brands that used to be Made in USA suddenly going abroad, or vice-versa?

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Maylie J said...

I know some printed t-shirts in UK that are manufactured in some Asian countries as well. They use the same materials but labor is outsourced there to lower the cost. Maintaining the quality is a test but the brand name would really be at risk.