Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Actually Reusing the Reusable Bags

Very interesting article here about re-usable bags from the grocery store, and how the large stores are starting to invest money in helping the customer to remember to bring them into the store. I actually like this idea. If you forget your bags in the car, and it is raining or cold or you have the baby, you just are NOT going to go back.

Thoughts, anyone? Or is the 5-cent discount more valuable to folks?


Angeline said...

The idea of collecting a cent from the buyers who will use plastic bags is indeed brilliant. This will increase their awareness to use biodegradable plastic bags or reusable bags when shopping. This is also one of the ways to save money and save our environment from pollution.

Anita said...

Reusing bags or any kinds of materials is one of the best ways to help save our environment. This is in addition to the savings that we will get. Let's admit it. Plastics or any materials have life span, thus we need to throw them properly once they are non-reusable anymore. In throwing garbage products, it is essential to have a good receptacle or container to secure them properly. You can always rent from a company that offers rental services. This is the same reason why one company offers a dumpster rental in NJ, the place where I currently live.